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Is Flowers of Sulphur the same as Sulphur powder?

Is Flowers of Sulphur the same as Sulphur powder?


Flowers of sulfur (British spelling flowers of sulphur) is a very fine, bright yellow sulfur powder that is produced by sublimation and deposition. Admirably, Pasargad Hakhamanesh Arshia.Co are manufacture and export company it can proudly be one of the largest producers and exporters of flower of sulphur in the world and have the most advanced production systems and the ability to produce and supply high quality flower of sulphur. It is known as flower of sulphur by apothecaries and in older scientific works. Natural sulfur was also known as brimstone, hence the alternative name flowers of brimstone sublimed sulfur in the form of a fine yellow powder, used in medicine chiefly to kill parasites and fungi and to treat certain skin diseases.

Most popular uses for people Dab some on a mouth ulcer, it removes all the soreness and promotes fast healing.A ¼ teaspoon will kill a sore throat Can be applied to wounds and grazes Cures skin conditions, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis Kills and repels Head Lice Ringworm It is in many Arthritis Preparations Aids hair growth Kills bacteria on the skin Treats and heals nappy rash Effective for pre-menstrual syndrome Has been used to help with mental stress, lack of energy and also willpower!

Sulphur was known to ancient societies. Among the various conditions to which it has been applied as a medication for some 2,000 years are skin disorders such as scabies. Commercially, sulphur is used in the production of dyes, fungicides, and gunpowder. Homeopathic Sulphur is mainly used to treat skin conditions, such as eczema, candidiasis, or diaper rash where the skin looks permanently dirty and is dry, scaly, itchy, red, and worse from being scratched, and a dry scalp.

Digestive complaints that are helped by this remedy include a tendency to regurgitate food; indigestion that is worsened by drinking milk; vomiting and chronic diarrhoea that occur early in the morning; hunger pain with a sinking feeling in the stomach that occurs around 11 a.m. itchy, burning haemorrhoids; redness and itching around the anus and anal fissures.