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Lay time,Shipment In bulk Sulphur, bulk sulfur

Lay time, Shipment In bulk Sulphur, bulk sulfur

loading sulphur in vessel


buyer shall nominate the vessel for loading the cargo at least 7 days prior to the agreed lay time.

at the time of vessel nomination buyer should advice vessels full particulars as well as vessel agent at bandar abbas port and the demurage rate to seller.

a)buyer sall charter vessel only after receiving seller's acceptance fax as vessel's suitability for loading at bandar abbas.

b)seller will give such acceptance within two Iranian working days from receipt of vessel's particulars from buyer.




master is to cable approximately 5 days before lay time, the notice of vessel's expected arrive at load port.

a) master is to cable 96/72/48/24 hours before lay time ,the notic of vessel's expected arrive at load port I.G.C.C.directly and /or through vessel agent in Iran.

b) should the vessel not to arive at load port within the agreed jay time, seller has the right to calulate the extra charges of mobilization of store at the rate of 3000 USD per day (starting from 24.00 hrs day of lay time till the vessel leaves jetty) and add to the total amount of the invoice.


loading terms


loading rate per working (hatch - hold - hook ) 750 M.T per day.(totally max 30,000 M,tons per day) (24 consecutive hours) subject to gears with lifting capacity of 15 (fifteen) tons. gears with lifting capacity of less than 15 (fifteen) tons. shall not be acceptable.

a) holds compeleted not entitled to time count.

b) triple-decker vessel will not be acceptable.

c)in case of twin Decker vessel ,all charge as well as trimming expenses and time used shall be for buyer's account.

d) any demurruge or dispatch that may occur at the loading port, shall be for seller's account and will be settled within 30 days of vessel's sailing date.

e)all expenses customarily charge to vessel including but not limited to port fees, berthing underthings coast, TUG boat hire, freight ,tax etc are for buyer's account.

f) load port will be bandar abbas port.

g) the master should buy notice of readiness only after vessel reports and obtained free pralique base on Iranian port and shipping organization timing schedule.

h) the vessel's N.O.R will be accepted after vessel has got free pratique breathed and is passed for hold cleanliness by independent surveyor.





the quantity to be determined by draft survey at load port (surveyor will be appointed by buyer and accepted by seller ) on buyer's account

Sulphur cargoes / sulfur vessel, a reminder on good practice on board bulk carriers

Major problems on board a bulk carrier have again highlighted problems encountered when carrying bulk sulphur cargoes. Relatively minor lapses or omissions in a vessel’s preparation to carry cargo can lead to major insurance claims. The following points and procedures are among those that must be followed if cargo claims and/or hull and machinery claims are to be avoided:

  • all residues from previous cargoes must be removed.
  • all loose paint, rust and/or scale must be removed.
  • all traces of chlorides must be removed, especially those remaining after washing cargo holds with seawater.
  • Cargo holds must be thoroughly fresh water washed and bilges drained.
  • The cargo holds should be ‘grain clear’ prior to loading (i.e. equivalent cleanliness requirements as for grain cargoes).
  • Holds must be inspected and approved and hatches must be watertight.
  • For more information contact by our manager ship part