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About Team

PASARGAD HAKHAMANESH ARSHIA.CO (LTD) focus on firstly produce powder sulphur, powder gilsonite, and supply lump sulphur, granular sulphur and petroleum bitumen 60/70, bitumen 85/100 and miner too external  lump gilsonite or natural bitumen product .

Pasargad Hakhamanesh Arshia.Co


The global network of Pasargad Hakhamanesh Arshia.Co companies encompasses our’s activities in every major bases.s crude oil , gas and petrochemical product market around the world.

Pasargad Hakhamanesh Arshia.Co is one of the largest and most experienced manufacture powder sulphur in agriculture, industrial and fertilizer grade merchants in the world. We can identify and meet a customer’s needs quickly. Our natural positions in energy markets and high equity share of powder sulfur, gilsonite, bitumen gives us an unrivalled global position among publically held crude oil , gas and petrochemical companies.

Our focused in production more than 50 type product of powder sulphur in basis industrial grand and agriculture too fertilizer grades. In fact we by have available 3 line mill in our facture and laboratory specialized powder gilsonite, more than 60 product in bases industrial usage oil, gas and petrochemical grade

our focuse in production more than 50 type product of powder sulphur in basis industrial grand and agriculture too fertilizer grades. in fact we by have avalable 3 line mill in our facture and labratory specialized powder gilsonite, more than 60 product in bases industrial useage oil, gas and petrochemical grade

we established and registered officially by group of experienced import & export expertise and shippers’ shareholders started in 2000 with a turnover of $10,000,000 P.A.

Shortly Head office is set up in the Middle East and in the meanwhile started its Bandar Abbas Office to monitor the shipments, loading and unloading of Products.

Based on strategic situation of Iran as a source of Oil and Gas and other minerals, shareholders defined their operations to focus on firstly petrochemical and Oil products and secondly on other organic and non organic ores.

With direct support of authorities for exports after a short while PASARGAD HAKHAMANESH ARSHIA.CO reached below key points to become a national registered buyer by Iranian Oil & Gas Authorities:

1. Punctuality in Target deliveries of goods defined by Iranian producer and commitment to satisfying Producer Standards.

2. High demand in purchase of goods and offering competitive price to take apart in refineries tenders with genuine and most update offer.

PASARGAD HAKHAMANESH ARSHIA.CO (LTD) started to increase its capability to get the remarkable segment of the market as a direct buyer and managed to reach outstanding achievements by increasing theoretical and practical capabilities to set up shortcuts between producers and end users.

Admirably, we are manufacture powder sulphur and flower sulphur and manufacture too miner procces powder gilsonite joint and close cooperation with producers and remarkable transaction with other shareholders and other well-known transit traders and shippers has helped us up to create a reputable portfolio in exporting. finally is to become we are exellent company in export  (granular sulphur,  lump sulphur), Sulphur Fertilizer,  and Drilling mud (FLC350) including FOB or C&F to various port around the world.

The most success in quantity of products delivered is achieved by the unique strategic location in Persian Gulf which enables us to reach the market easily and directly from Bandar-Abbas. During the economic down turn we established our Bandar-Abbas massive store to manage our ramp up in container loading to penetrate to market of C&F by container products which this improvement reached to the peak of 10,000 MT (400 Containers) per week in 2021 and we kept it constant up to now.

In 2002, with the boom in the Asian market of steel and fertilizer we just started our Sydney Office to cover the demand for Sulphur (lump sulfur, granular sulfur, powder sulfur) and Bitumen too Gilsonite (Natural Bitumen) in South Asian and Asia Pacific zone. The main objectives of our new office are;

1. 1.To build up a new customer relationship based on combination of better understating the market and our customers’ demand and requirements and concentrate on identifying customers need based on everyday market changes to introduce new solutions to simplify our procedure and satisfy both parties’ benefits.

2. 2. Introduce our company and Assist industries, manufacturers and generally end users with the new solutions to satisfy their continuous demands of Sulphur, bitumen 60/70, bitumen 85/100 and gilsonite directly with offering guaranteed lowest price.