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Granular Sulphur,Sulfur Granular. Oil and natural gas are abundant in Iran. Iran Oil and Iran Natural Gas is one of the prime industries in the energy sector.

We, Pasargad Hakhamanesh Arshia.Co group, are a holding company with our offices located in various countries such as U.A.E., China, India, Australia and Iran.
We are predominantly specialized in supplying and exporting Granular Sulphur to all around the globe in which our related specific departments located in Iran are especially designated for all direct correspondence. It would be an honor for our company to provide you with high quality Iranian granual sulphur with competitive prices according to the following terms and conditions. Our
Granualar sulfur is provided directly from NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company) NIGC (National Iranian Gas Company) and is delivered in NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company) NIGC (National Iranian Gas Company).
We have personal yard in B.A (MAIN PORT OF IRAN IN BANDAR ABBAS) for loading sulphur for loose in vessel and stuffing in container.

loading granular sulphur

It is our privilege to assure you of our infinite efforts to meet all your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any required further information.

The majority of granular sulfur that is transported around the world is done as a bulk solid.  The sulfur granular is often stored in the open in huge stockpiles at terminals ready to be loaded onto ships, railcars or truck or at plant sites to be melted and used in the production of sulfuric acid.  Most granular sulfur stockpiles are located outdoors in open where it is exposed to wind, rain, dust, salt air, etc.  In some cases granular sulfur is stored indoors where some protection from the elements is available.

In response to the need for a new generation of formed sulfur to meet the increasingly stringent standards imposed in the late 70s by both environmental considerations and customer preference,sulfur formig leaders developed and successfully commercialized a sulfur forming process known as the granulation process.

The granulation process uses a size enlargement process to transform molten sulfur into dense spherical solid granules. Small particles of sulfur (seed) are introduced at the feed end of the drum and are sprayed and coated with molten sulfur as the product moves toward the drum discharge. Each applied layer is cooled to solidification before another coat of molten sulfur is applied. With repeated application, bonding and then cooling of successive coats, the seedsincrease in volume and weight until they reach the desired granule size, usually 1 to 6 mm in diameter. A screening process separates undersize granules from the product size granules, which allows the undersize to be recycled to the drum inlet as seeds.


granular sulphur


Production statistics show that the Iran supply volume of sulfur was reached to 1.7 million tons in the end of 2020. Near to 660.000 t/a of total production was produced in khangiran and all oil refineries.

Currently and mostly in the future, Shout Pars Field is and will be one of the major sources of sulfur production in Iran. Running the development plans of this field will lead to increasing of sulfur production. For example starting up of the phases 9, 10 will add 400 t/d sulfur production capacity. Each of other phases such as 15,16,17,18 will add 400 t/d sulfur production of Iran.

Sulphur produced from any process at the Gas / Oil refineries is of the same basic elemental constituent. The forms may differ as the “End Recovery Process” for separation are different. Lumps, Powder Sulphur and Granular Sulphurs are described below with our expertise in the Sourcing, Packing, Logistics and Shipping.

 Sulphur is produced as a by-product, separated from the delivery lines and shipped by railway wagons to the warehouse for bagging. Agro Trade has developed its own Loading, Testing, Logistics and Transport facilities. The loading of each cargo is closely monitored by Geo-Chem Inspection and SGS personnel on site in Iran.

Containerised, inspected and tested Sulphur cargo is dispatched by trucks from Refinery and Petrochemicals Trade warehouse directly to the Port Of Bandar Abbas (Transit Point). Export Documentation and Vessel loading is completed at Transit area for various destinations with the Certificate of Origin of Iran or Dubai. Sulphur from Iran is currently being shipped to China, Pakistan, Turkey, India, Bangladesh and etc.