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Specification Granular Sulphur

Specification of granular sulphur / granular sulfur

Analyze of granular sulfur

Specification Granular Sulphur

A process for the production of granular sulfur in a rotating drum in which molten sulfur at a temperature within the range of about 110° to 160° C. is sprayed in a contact zone onto a bed of moving sulfur particles and a continuous curtain of said particles and resulting particles are passed to a cooling zone prior to discharge. A countercurrent flow of substantially inert cooling gas at a temperature in the range of about 10° to 50° C. and containing not more than 8% by volume oxygen is introduced to the cooling zone and a portion or all of said cooling gas is passed through the contact zone. The contact and cooling zones can be formed in a single rotating drum and separated from each other by a retaining ring or formed in separate vessels.
Discharge particles from the cooling zone are separated according to size and undersized particles are recycled as fines to the contact zone at a ratio of 4:1 to 2:1 of fines to product granules. With every added coat of molten sulphur the particles increase in size and weight until they finally reach a desired diameter of 2-6 



Purity (On Dry Basis) (Wt%)Min


ASH Content (Wt %) Max


Moisture (Wt %) Max.


Hydrocarbons (Wt %) Max.


Organic (wt %) MAX.




Mean Size

2-7 MM

Size Distribution

2-7 mm > 90%

less than 2 mm 10% Max

more than 6 mm 10% Max